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XP: The truth about spray tanning

Does it rub off on your dress? I asked the beauty salons, they deny that it comes off. Then I asked my bridal shop and they swear up and down that it ruins dresses. Has anyone had experience with this? 
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Re: XP: The truth about spray tanning

  • I got a spray tan just as a trial run to see if I wanted to do it for my wedding. The first day it definitely rubs off because the spray they use is still on your skin and can have a tint to it, but after you shower and wash it all off the first time it doesn't rub off at all! The second day with my tan I went to my bridal shower and wore a white dress, it was outdoors and a hot/humid day and I nothing came off onto my dress at all. 
  • I don't spray tan, but I believe if you request it without the bronzer it won't stain

  • A spray tan without bronzer is simply self tanner which is colorless.  It works with your skin to produce a tan in a few hours.  Most people want to be tan when they leave the salon, so they opt to get bronzer sprayed on WITH the spray tan.  It is not the self tanner which ultimately produces the tan, it is a tint which will mostly wash off the first time you shower (and will also rub off on clothes, sheets, etc.).  I always opt to get a spray tan without bronzer, I dry thoroughly before dressing, and I never have a problem.
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    It did not come off on my dress. I've had a spray tan about 5 times, and after you shower the first time, I've never had it rub off on my clothes. When you first get it done, wear crappy clothes as it WILL rub off when you get dressed.

    I got a spray tan two days before my wedding and showered twice in between. On my wedding day it was hot and humid and I was sweaty and it still did not come off on my dress.

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  • I own a spray tan business and first of all, not all spray tans are created the same. I highly recommend you look up the website for Norvell tanning and use their locator to find a person near you that provides their brand - it really is the best, the brownest and non-streakiest or I wouldn't use it myself!

    As far as staining goes - when the spray tan is first put on you it contains a cosmetic bronzer. This is why you see brown right away. This is not the actual tan. The tan itself takse 24 hours to develop. They put the cosmetic bronzer in it so that you get instant gratification and so the person spraying you can see that its gone on evenly. They make spray without the bronzer but you walk away with no idea how dark or even your tan will be.

    I would never ever recommend getting sprayed the same day or even the night before. That bronzer will be a brown, smeary staining mess. However, after you wait the 24 hours for the tan to develop and you shower, what's left is your sem-permanent skin color that should not ruin any of your clothes at all. Just make sure you shower before putting on your beautiful dress!

    Ask the technician that is spraying you if they offer a deal for wedding trials - it is impossible to know how each individuals skin will react to the spray until you try it. So it is a great idea to have one done a month or so before the big day and see how you like it. I personally offer a free trial spray when a bride pre-purchases her wedding day tan. That way we both know how her skin is going to react and she gets an idea if she wants it lighter or darker for the big day.

    Good luck :)
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