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Hair appointment too early?

Hey all-
Question for you all. I have my hair appointment for 11am to 12pm. I plan to do my own makeup while getting ready shortly after, sometime around 2pm. My pictures won't start till 4pm, the ceremony is at 6pm and reception goes until 11pm. Do you think I'm doing my hair done too early? I have super fine hair, that won't stay curly at all, no matter how much hair spray is in my hair.
Looking forward to seeing what you all say!
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Re: Hair appointment too early?

  • I would allow 3½ hours for makeup, hair and dressing--which means you could probably move your hair appointment to as late as 12:30, unless you have alot of traveling.  I would probably say 12-1 would be fine.  Also,plan to eat lunch in there somewhere.

    I have the same type of hair so I wore extensions and they stayed curled all night.
  • If you've got a hair stylist, and she/he has done bride's hair before, ask! They know!

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  • absolutely not too early. my hair appointment was at 9 am for 3 pm pictures an 5 pm ceremony. it lasted until I took the pins out and washed it at about 1 in the morning. I also have fine hair that falls out; in fact, we had extra bobby pins and hairspray in the dressing room, and had to pin up a few pieces between pictures and the ceremony. but it was only a few pieces.

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  • You should be fine with that timeframe! I had my hair/make-up done at 9 AM, did photos all day from 12:30-4, ceremony at 4:30, and it held up perfectly until the reception ended around midnight. :)
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  • Not too early at all. My suggestion for you is to work with your hair type. If it is fine and will not hold curl, do not curl it. There are plenty of styles that work for all sorts of hair types. If necessary call around to find a stylist who specializes in formal hairstyles, they KNOW how to work with every hair type. I know of a couple salons north of boston, but they're about an hour out of the way.
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  • thank you all for your responses! I actually did move my hair appointment to 2pm, my wedding planner suggested it. Everything we are doing is with-in 3 miles from each other, so I figured I didn't want to sit around waiting with my hair all done up, when I can sleep in (if i sleep at all) and I can relax till 2. Appreciate all the responses!
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