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Russian Wedding Traditions??

Heres my issue:
I am American and my fiance is Russian. He's told me that this day is mine and we can plan it however Ive dreamed about, but I would like to surprise him and incorperate some Russian wedding traditions in it for him. Im still learning a lot about Russian culture and the language but Im having a hard time finding things on weddings and marriage. Does anyone know of anything special I can bring into our wedding? ANYTHING  at all would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

Re: Russian Wedding Traditions??

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    I've done some very brief reserach:

    Bread and salt ceremony - where the parents offer the bride and groom bread and salt as a symbol of propsperity and health.

    Throwing champagne glasses on the floor of the reception.  It's considered good luck if the champagne glasses break.  

    When I was doing a bit of searching, the article stated something about a civil ceremony as church weddings are not considered official.

    There was also something about a "special carpet" the bride and groom stand opn to recite their marriage vows.  This could be nice to incorporate into the ceremony.
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    I lived in Russia for a little bit and can speak some.  I know that one of the biggest traditions is that  the bride is ransomed.  (usually on the day you go to get your wedding license.)  And the groom goes to the bride's house and parents, friends and relatives make the groom do a bunch of tasks before he can get to the bride.  Examples are, giving him riddles he has to solve, or singing a song, reciting poetry, answering risque questions about the bride, etc.  After he has completed all these tasks, he has to give out money and or sweets to the friends and relatives to "prove he'll do whatever it takes to get his bride"  Or something along those lines.  

    Weddings in Russia typically last three days.  (traditionally that is) So maybe you could take the three days prior to the wedding and do all things wedding related. like Wedding games, showers, picnics, parties, big and long dinners etc.   

    P.s.  I think it is soo sweet of you to incorporate russian tradition to your wedding.  I could have sworn I'd marry a russian man because of my love for all things russian, but it was not meant to be.  Good luck!!
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    Is he Russian Orthodox? If so, you could incorporate the wedding crown tradition, where you wear crowns that are tied together by a ribbon. Then a prayer is read that symbolizes that you are the king and queen of your own kingdom (aka, your home).

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     I wanted to ask his friends and family bacuse I still keep in touch with them, but thier English is not so good and my Russian is not so good. This is SO helpful! Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas!! I love the ransom one. I think its a great way to lighten up the morning and take some of the stress away. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
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    My FI is Russian as well, and I am not. I wanted to incorporate some Russian customs in the wedding. I was researching Russian folk dancers and everything.. When I asked FI about it, he told me his family and friends will be happy as long as there is vodka. It may just be that simple lol.
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     i am russian, i can tell you one more really good tradition. My brother had it on their wedding.
    It is very touching.
    You have to have a weeding veil tho.
    Usually you do it during the wedding dinner, in the middle, when you kinda got used to be a wife.
    You sit in a chair, ur mom and ur husband's mom stand behind you. Husband's mom holds a flower crown in hands, ur mom takes out ur wedding veil, and keep it forever. Husband's mom put a flower crown on ur head. After all they kiss and hug each other.
    It means that now you have a new family. And your mom is suppose to hang this veil under the icon of God in her house, but she doesn't have to do it, She can just keep it in box. 
    And during this process ask ur dj to put really slow and tearful song. It works))))

    If u have questions, feel free to aks))
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