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  • me and my now ex husband did (bc it was our wedding night we HAVE to fofl) but stopped after a little while b/c we were so tired. My fiance and I are just going to see how we feel (so there is not the "we have to" pressure)
  • Well Good Luck, I think you should do it.  I am going. I have waited my life to have this moment and I would not let it pass me.  so NO SEX FOR ME 3 MONTHS before the wedding. lol,  Enjoy all honesty you should do what ever makes you feel comfortable, let the moment take you thee Gina
  • My finance and I feel the same way.  I think by the time the reception is over we're just going to want to sleep....we can wait until the next day! :)
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  • We did -- I felt it was important to set the tone for our marriage. You can always sleep later! Besides, you feel so beautiful and confident it's easy to feel sexy!
  • I read somewhere that only about 50% of couples actually do on their wedding night. I have no idea how they get these statistics, but I assume it's probably pretty close to the truth. I do think, however, that I'll be pretty pissed if he's too drunk to do it on our wedding night, so I plan on holding out for a couple of weeks before the wedding just to build the anticipation, even if if kills me.
  • My FH jokes that he's going to steal me away during the reception for a quickie! I told him that's probably not the best idea, but a hot thought to hold on to until we can be alone that night! lol.
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