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Pinning the tartan wording

Hi All;

I have been through many posts and I really haven't found what I'm looking for so I'll just start this new post. Many have talked about the pinning the tartan ceremony. What I most get it's pretty much ad-lib. Well this is making it a bit hard for me. We're getting married in a Catholic church and the priest is cool with this but a little more direction re the wording would be helpful because as you know we Catholics turn everything into a sacramental. We're even going to have Grooms DIL ( no other female members on his side of family) pin a small rosette on my daughter who is my attendant. Soooo any help would really be appreicated. Especially if you're good in turning a verse.
Thanks in advance!!

Re: Pinning the tartan wording

  • This is where a groom would pin his tartan ( as in rosette or ribbons) to his new bride as a way of welcoming her to his clan. While I'n not sure it's actually done in Scotland, it has been done here in the US in many weddings even of those already in a clan. If the groom is marring into a Scottish clan he wuld rec'd a tartan and then a smal sword for his son. In many cases, MIL of the bride does the pinning. In my case all parents and grands have passed away. So groom will be using his daughter -in -law as stand in for a female as there are no other females in his family
  • I've never seen traditional wording, you may try looking through Remember ,though, you pin it to the RIGHT shoulder.  Left indicates that you're a Clan Chief or the wife of a clan Chief (unless your fiance, is indeed, a chief, but that is doubtful.)
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  • Thanks all. The scottish website didn't have a thing so I'm figuring this might be an "Americanized scottish tradition" that's ok too. Will just plug along
  • PJSPJS- yes thanks I did. I was just hoping to find something a little more polished
  • I'm doing a tartan pinning ceremony as well and wrote my own verbiage.  Feel free to use all or some.

    On this day you make two families one.  Clan joins clan creating one larger and stronger, and cementing family ties.  You have also created your own, new family within your clans. May you continue to strengthen and build your future together -- through all its hopes and disappointments, its successes and failures, its pleasures and its pains, its joys and its sorrows -- a future filled with the warmth and love of the family and friends gathered with you to celebrate your union today.  May the pinning of these tartans not only be a symbol of the love and support you have had from your family and friends but also symbolize the love and support you will have from your new family and friends by uniting your lives together.
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  • Thenk you so much, Love Fuzzies! We're also doing this and looking for wording. It's very helpful to see what others have done. Thanks!!
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