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Cake Feeding?

Disclaimer: I know this is a stupid question.

We're not smashing cake in each other's faces lol but here comes a stupid question .... are you all using forks or fingers to feed the cake to your husband?

I feel like forks would be more proper and better for pictures but fingers would be cuter and more romantic in my opinion.

What say you?
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Re: Cake Feeding?

  • It seems when people use forks that the cake falls off the fork often but when people use their fingers they actually do "feed" the other person the cake.
  • We used our fingers, and had napkins at the ready.
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  • We used our fingers, but we had cookie cake.
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  • We used forks ... we didn't really think about it, when it came time to cut the cake, we were just handed a plate with forks. I think if we weren't handed the forks, we would have used fingers ... it was really just an auto-pilot decision, lol.

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  • We used forks.  Son and DIL used forks.  DD and SIL used fingers.  Hooray for you for not smashing cake.  If I were named wedding czar of the universe forbidding cake smashing would be one of my top ten decrees.  =)
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  • I am withTrix. 2 things I HATE at weddings - dollar dances and cake smashing. Hate them both.
  • lol I agree about the cake smashing. We're not doing it, I was just interested to know about the cake eating tradition and what other brides have done. I know it's a stupid question, but this is where my mind is going a month before the wedding lol.
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  • We used forks - no cake fell off.
  • we're using fingers, but absolutely no smashing...FI has be warned haha!
  • We also used forks.  Never even thought about feeding him with my fingers. 
  • We'll use forks since I hate cake and want a small cheesecake as our 'cutting' cake.  Cheesecake is a bit messier to eat with fingers.
  • i think i've only seen fingers used so i assume thats what we will do too, it also seems more intimate and weddingish to me...
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  • oh hmm, I've never thought of or noticed this at others' weddings before! I'd probably use forks but we'll see what they provide us with at the venue.
  • We used our fingers, but that wasn't a decision we made beforehand, since it's so insignificant.  We were given a plate, a knife to cut the cake, a server to put the piece of cake on the plate.  If there were forks, I didn't see them/use them.  I've actually never seen a couple use a fork.  That seems weird.

    I really wouldn't be that concerned about your cake cutting photos.  Forks don't automatically equal sophistication nor does feeding each other with your fingers equal cute (i.e. - cake smashers)
  • We used fingers. We did a bit of the smashing as well, that is the fun part, right? But H didn't get any on my dress which was all I was worried about. We had lots of napkins ready and waiting.
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