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Who picks the father/daughter song?

Does the dad or the daughter pick it? 
Is is my song to him or his son to me?

Re: Who picks the father/daughter song?

  • It can be whatever you want. You can choose it, he can choose it, or you can choose it together. I asked my dad to choose the song, because I knew it would mean a lot to him.

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  • I agree with PP

    Because reception music has my head swimming [seriously, I have 0 ideas, while I've known exactly what I wanted for everything else] and because Dad doesn't know music, I'll probably ask him to pick, which will mean Mom picks.
  • When DD #1 got married I remember her telling me how much she hated Butterfly Kisses and there was no way she was dancing with her Dad to it. Couple of days later she called and said when she was over at his house one of the first things he said is how much he hoped she would choose Butterfly Kisses for their dance. She did. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 12 for him and a no-biggie for her to make him happy. Choose it together.
  • I asked my dad to pick and he chose "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman because the words reminded him so much of us. And then he talked the whole time we danced so he wouldn't cry from actually listening to the words.
  • It was a mutual choice for my daughter and her dad.  It just fit and felt right for them.
  • I guess we chose to together.  I put together a list of a bunch of songs I felt fit us to start the conversation.  We wound up coming back to one of the songs on the original list after we considered  bunch.

  • My dad and I talked about it and basically chose together.  I had a couple idea that he wasn't comfortable with (too uptempo for my non-dancing dad), but we eventually found something we both loved...and which H and I then heard in a public place nearly every single day of our HM, lol.
  • I asked my dad to pick.  I don't know if he has yet, we haven't talked about it in a while, but I know he's been thinking about it.  

    My dad is super nervous about dancing in front of everyone (he doesn't dance) and he does not like any attention on himself.  He is very shy and quiet.  

    He's pretty much taken a step out of any of the wedding stuff and was surprised about two months ago when he realized what town I was getting married in.  I think he just assumed I was getting married someplace closer!  He hasn't been to our venue since we picked it (he went to a wedding there about 10 years ago, but doesn't remember). He's a good guy, I think he's just scared to get emotionally involved in all the wedding stuff.  My dad's family is very stoic.
  • My dad gave me two songs he thought would be great - we talked about them both and picked it together.
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  • My parents picked it. I gave them a list of different possibilities for a starting point and then they came up with one on their own.
  • You are the best!!!!  Thank you!  Good luck with all your planning!
  • I hope you let us know what you guys decide to choose.
  • I used to dance on my dad's feet to "Sleepwalk". So that was that.
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