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2 moh's and 2 best man's

so would it be ok to do 2 moh's and 2 best man's i wan't my best friend in my wedding and my sister is my moh i would love to have my friend as a moh as well would it be ok and then the two men in the wedding party be best men? any thoughts.

Re: 2 moh's and 2 best man's

  • I think there is nothing wrong with that!  I am planning on having 2 Maids Of Honor & 2 Best Men as well.  It's your wedding and you should do exactly what you want!  :-)  Good luck!
  • thank you thats what i'm doing they each are wearing a different dress in the same color though. my sister already bought her dress. my friend is ordering her dress from db online in a week or so.
  • I'm kind of thinking of the same thing... One of my BM's has been soooo extrememly helpful, and we've gotten even closer, I never knew how truly great she was, so alongside my Matron OH, she will be Maid OH
  • You can do that.  I was one of two MOHs once. The first MOH (bride's sister) got to stand closest to her and hold the bouquet during the ceremony. I witnessed the signing of the marriage license.  We each gave a very short toast during the reception.
  • You can definitely do that.  All of my aunts and my mom had 2 MOH's.  I'm having my longtime childhood friend and one of my best best friends from college.  FH is having both of his brothers. 
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  • Me too!! I am having my two best friends as my MOH and my fiancee is having his two brothers as his best men. It would have been hard for me to choose and I think the girls more than understand that.
  • yea my best friend has been really helpful and helping me plan out the decorations and what not.
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