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How to address invitations when...

How should I address my wedding invitation to my cousin who is getting married one month before our wedding?  She will be married at the time of my wedding, is taking her husband-to-be's name, they already live together, but technically will not be married when I send out my invitations.

Re: How to address invitations when...

  • I think you've answered your own question.  You address her invite with her current name at the time you're going to send it out.
  • I actually just received an invitation to my Aunt's wedding which will take place a little over 2 weeks after my own.

    She addressed it to my maiden name (Which I will be changing mine post-wedding), and I wasn't offended, so I'm going to say it's fine to do it this way,

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    Address it to whatever name she is when you send it. 

    If she changes her name before your wedding, be sure to put her new name on the escort card.
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