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What do I call a woman as a groomsman? groomsmaid? lol!

Our bridal party keeps getting more complicated!  Lol.  Should make for an interesting ceremony.

I have one maid of honor, one man of honor and four bridesmaids.
My FI has one best man and four groomsmen, and we're thinking about added his female cousin to his side.

I know it's totally tacky to make each side of the bridal party even for the hell of it, but his female cousin is really close to him, closer than most of his groomsmen I'd say.  Her boyfriend is actually a groomsman, now that I think about it.

So my question is... what do we call her?  A woman in the place of a groomsman.  I know this has been done before... help me out!

Re: What do I call a woman as a groomsman? groomsmaid? lol!

  • I like "groomswoman."
  • She would be a groomswoman.

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  • I referred to ours as a groomswoman, I believe she called herself a groomsmaid.  She was listed in the program with the other guys under the heading "Attendants to the Groom."

    If he's really close to her, like he wanted to ask her initially but wasn't sure for some reason, and he makes it clear to her that she's not a place-filler, I think it's fine.  DH actually asked our groomswoman because he was enamored of the idea of UNeven sides, and had been debating asking her from the beginning.
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  • I'd call the people on your side:
    Bride's Honor Attendants
    Bride's Attendants
    Groom's Honor Attendants
    Groom's Attendants

    That way all "titles" are gender neutral.
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  • My FI asked his best friend to be his best man, and she's a woman. She's also insisting on being called his best man, because people won't stop asking up what we mean by "Best Maid". So we gave up on it :P I think it's up to the bride and groom, and if they don't care (like us!) ask her what she wants to be called :) Everyone else can just deal, because it's not their wedding :)
  • In the reverse situation, we ended up with a "dude of honor."  The rabbi was merely amused by this.
  • All my bride's attendants are male, one is a transman to make it more confusing. I just have them listed as "bridesmaids" for comedy purposes but likely they'll just be called "attendants" when we have the wedding.
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