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Processional Question?

I posted this a minute ago, and I've lost it.  It may not have posted or there may be two of these. Oops.

Do the groomsmen traditionally escort the bridesmaids down the aisle in the processional or just when they leave?  My fiance and I don't have a preference either way, so we decided we would like to go with whatever is traditional.

I have only ever seen the groomsmen escort both ways, but he has only ever seen them escort the BMs out. Just curious.

Re: Processional Question?

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    Traditionally i think the groomsmen are at the front with the groom...but I hardly ever see it actually done that way..most times i have seen the groomsmen walk in before the bridesmaids or walk down with them.

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    My H decided that he wanted only the best man up there with him.....the church was big enough that there was a split in the middle so the rest of the groomsmen met their partner at the break and then my MOH walked down the aisle by herself.
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    We also had the GM only escort the BMs during the recessional.  The BMs processed by themselves. 
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    I think "traditional" may depend on where you live. There are so many things on here coined "traditional" that are the exact opposite of what is done here. Traditionally here the best man stands at the front with the groom, the groomsmen walk the bridesmaids down the aisle for the processional (and recessional), and the maid of honor walks by herself during the processional and then with the best man for the recessional. Maybe this will help you since we are both Southern, but then this may just be how Alabama and some of Georgia does it. :-)
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