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Signing the tablecloth at Chinese wedding

Hi ladies,
Can you help me?  I'm looking for photos of the tablecloth that you sign at a Chinese wedding.  Specifically, I'm interested in seeing photos of this actually set up--what does the table look like, what does the tablecloth look like, etc. 
Also, what kind of pens do you use?
Thanks a ton!

Re: Signing the tablecloth at Chinese wedding

  • I wish I could help.  I've done some research on customs and I'm coming up empty-handed. 

    Is this a substitution for the guestbook?  If you, I would set up a table, white cloth, a sign letting guests know what is expected of them and have a container to house the pens.  This could be very nice.   I think a nice medium point or fine point Sharpie pen would work really well.  Good luck !
  • I don't know about the tradition, but I do know most fabric stores sell pens specifically for writing on fabric.  They come in quite a few colors, and do not wash out.  I use them to sign the back of my quilts.
  • I've been to a couple of Chinese weddings and have never seen this. Sorry. However, I think either a Sharpie or a fabric marker would work fine.
  • This tradition is popular among traditional Vietnamese brides as well.  Fine sharpie works best.  Make sure it won't bleed through the fabric and that it's written on something hard so it's supported.

    Also, have someone stand there to be sure that the right side of the fabric is facing up at all times.  I've seen some people sign on both sides and that doesn't look as nice.
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