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Normal age to get married

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I thought it would make sense here. I'm curious as to how old all of the brides and their fiances will be when they get married, as well as what the average age is amongst their culture and peer group.

I am 25 and my fiance is 29, and we're getting married in 2 weeks. It is definitely young compared to our friends, both in Europe and in Canada. My age is more typical amongst friends who had to get married for immigration purposes though (but still 2-3 years younger than the average).

What about you guys, how old are you, and is it old/young/average amonst your friends?

Re: Normal age to get married

  • megk8ozmegk8oz member
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    DH and I were both 25 when we got married, we were 23 when we got engaged.

    Most of our friends are in the 25-30 range, and only a few of them are married ... and  DH and I were the "youngest" where pregnancy wasn't involved.

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  • I'm 25, Fi is 30, I've had friends get married younger than me, and few older but many are not at that place yet.  None of these involved pregnancy.  The average age for getting married for the first time in the US is 26 for women 27.8 for men.
  • I will be 25 by the wedding, Fi is 31, I go to seminary, where people in the christian culture tend to get married younger and have shorter dating/engaged timelines, in my hometown DC, it seems I would be young, all my nonseminary friends tend to wait longer. In my FI's hometown his generation doesnt marry very often, theres a lot more living together, having kids without being married, someone even told him "why are you getting married, no one does that anymore!" Lol how romantic!
  • Me - 30
    Him - 34

    No kids, and neither married before.

    We were among the last of our friends to get married; I'd say the average age in our crowd is a couple of years younger...
  • Me: 35
    FI: 40

    Both of us never married before.  Last year I had two close friends marry at 35.   I think mid-30's is the new norm. ;)  I
  • Um, both of us will be 24.

    I guess this is early for us to be getting married, none of my close friends are married yet, and same with his friends.
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  • I'll be 22, he'll be 23. There have been/will be many weddings in our circle by the time we get married.
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  • I'm 23, he's 25.  We're definitely young for our group (first couple to marry in our circle) because very few of our friends have had successful long term relationships; I also think most of our friends aren't in a stable enough place (job and finance-wise) to get married yet.
  • I'm 27, he is 28, will be 29 in August, we get married in June. I totally agree with pp's. There is not a "right" age to marry. I think there are way more factors than that. And you are right KatyRose, women and men are marrying later due to careers that move them around, financial reasons, and continuing education. Don't compare yourself to other people, I learned that a long time ago. It will only make you upset.
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  • I'm 25, he's 32. Many of my friends were married between the ages of 20-23. The group of guys FI is friends with who are all the same age as him are married. He's the last guy in his circle to get married.
  • We'll both be 24, and about a quarter of our friends are already married.  Last summer we had four weddings, and all of them were for people either our age or younger.  Those of us in serious relationships also all have at least one partner with a well-paying career (tech stuff), which makes life a lot more stable then for our single friends in grad school.
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  • we will both be 24 at the wedding, but we will have been together for... a little over 9 years!  I think I would go nuts if we waited until our late 20's because we already act like an "old married couple" as my mom puts it.
  • cwiltcwilt member
    Hmmm, for some reason I was thinking I was in the average age, but we look really young. I am 22 and he will turn 22 on our honeymoon. :D
  • We're both 27 and he'll be 2 weeks away from 28 when we get married.

    About half our friends are married already, the other half, no where near ready ;-)
  • I will be 19 and he will be 22 years old Smile
  • Both my fiance and I were 28 when we were engaged and will be 30 when we marry.

    We both felt like there was a "wave" of people who got married just after college (23 - 25 years old) and then there's been a lull while the rest of us work on it.  I think the next wave will involve many of our friends who are in their early 30s.  Meanwhile, the first wave all have multiple children...
  • I'm 36 and he's 37. I was engaged at 25 but decided then I wasn't ready and he was married before. But...we now have a daughter together and we say better late than never!!
  • We'll both be 26, which is about average.  Some of the other med/grad students were married before they started school, and we know some who've gotten married since starting.  There are also plenty of people in the class who won't be married before starting residency,
  • I'll be 26, he'll be 31, but we'll both be within a month and a half of the next birthday.

    I'm one of the first among my friends to get married.  He's among the last.
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  • I will be 26 when we are married and he will be 27.
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  • The first time I got married (1992), I was 31, he was 39.  My two best friends and I were all the same age.  He was older than the other hubbies.

    Next year, I will be 50 (my 2nd marriage) and my FI will be 55 (his 3rd marriage).  We're in a league of our own.  LOL!
  • I'm 26 and he will be 27. 
  • I'll be just shy of 24, he'll be 28, no previous marriages or pregnancy.  By the standards of the girls I went to high school with, I'm an old maid (most of them are already married with a kid or two), and by the standards of my college and Disney friends, I'm getting married really young.  It all depends.
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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    We're both 26 right now, but he'll be 27 right before the wedding. We're about average.. we have some friends who are married, but most of our friends are engaged or are still single. We both feel we're at the perfect place in our lives because we're both done with school and are established in our careers.Neither of us have any children, and none of our friends do either.
  • edited April 2010
    We will be 28 and 36 when we get married.

    I think the average age is something like 25-26. I haven't seen statistics lately, though.

    None of my friends are married, but many of his are.
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  • i'll be just shy of my 24th birthday and he'll only be 22. we've been together almost 7 years already. when my sister turned 18 (in April) she got married in June a week after she graduated high school, her husband is my age so he was either 19 or 20 when they got married. lol best part she though she was only gonna make her engagement official! lol
  • I'm 22 now. I'll be 25 and FH will be 28 when we get married, but I AM pregnant (Not that we're getting married BECAUSE I'm pregnant: he wanted to propose on Christmas and by that time I was already 2mo pregnant); does this make a difference when it comes to the age thing?

    I'm the first one of my friends to get married and FH's the second. I'm getting a lot of crap from my friends about being too young.

    Aside from that, I've always believed that age doesn't matter: the couple who's getting married just has to be mature enough to understand what a big commitment and huge life change marriage is. 
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  • We will both be 22.  We have been together for 6 years.  Many of my friends are married, but we will be the first wedding out of his circle of friends!
  • i'm 35 and FI is 33. never married, no kids. 

    my sister got married this past september and they were both 31.  of my friend group it's a pretty even split between married with one or two kids (or pregnant with the first) and single.    in fact, i have many friends between the ages of 30 and 40 who are single (never married, no kids) with no real prospects of relationship.   it's a new world!

  • First wedding:  I was 25, he was 26.  Second wedding:  I was 48, he was 39. 

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