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Episcopal/Methodist confusion


Re: Episcopal/Methodist confusion

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    [QUOTE]Nevermind the fact that she isn't religious and has never been baptized (meaning they can't receive the Sacrament of Matrimony anyway).
    Posted by runpipparun[/QUOTE]
    Pippa, I recall you saying this before. It's true that their marriage is not considered sacramental, only natural. But if they get married in the church and she later converts, the marriage is immediately considered sacramental without a convalidation. If they don't get married in the church, they have to go through a hassle to get it convalidated, and run the risk of having a priest reject their convalidation request because your brother decided not to originally celebrate his marriage in the church (which is a requirement placed on all Catholics). Also, if they did not marry in the church, and then your brother tried attending mass with a priest who knew this to be the case, it is quite possible that the priest would feel obligated to deny your brother communion. All in all your brother is making the best decision here, if keeping even partially to his faith is important to him. Or even if pleasing, or feeling like he is pleasing, your parents is important to him.
  • I think this discussion of theology (although facinating) is off track.
    The differenced between the two denomonations' theology and litergy is negligible and obviouly there is a tremendous range within each denomonation. Individual churches will have different culures and values and because the denomonations are so so so similar it might be a good idea to compare each individual church instead of the larger denomonations.  

    All things being equal, I think that if he is more involved in his church than you are in your church, you should get married there. I suspect his personal connection to that community is what this really is about. 
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