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Traditions timeline?

Hey everyone! I am fairly unfamiliar with weddings (I have been to 3 in my life two I was little and the last one was very simple with little planning) I am currently trying to plan my own wedding and I feel lost. But that is what The Knot is for right? I am tring to figure out when certian traditions are supposed to take place and who should keep us on the planned timeline? Should I wear a watch?

When is the receiving line supposed to take place? When do people get to chuck rice at me (I am actually looking forward to this part quite a bit). When would be a good time to take pictures where our guests don't have to wait? When is a good time to open the kids area (before or after dinner)? When is an appropriate time to leave? Do we bring the presents home or is someone else supposed to do it? I am sure there are more traditions that I am forgetting so if you think of any of those minor things that are nice to do but easy to overlook please educate me on them.

And what is the dollar dance? Is it part of a specific religion? I had never heard of it until I started planning my own wedding and I know nothing about it.

Thank you,
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