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How to tie cord/rope for handfasting

Is there a specific technique or method for doing a loose handfasting? I get the hand positioning (in a figure 8 to represent infinity) but if we have one long cord, how do you do it?  Our MOH and BM are also officiating and we want to give them easy to follow instructions so they can practice. Any guidance is helpful.  Thank you!

Re: How to tie cord/rope for handfasting

  • Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have the same one. :)
  • ideally it is done with 6 (to represent the tradition vows) but can be done with any amount. its really just around the wrist cross then around the other wrist and hangs. we will be hand fasting too

  • How to Hand Fast Instruct the couple to hold hands (one or both) during, or after, the vows (as desired) Wrap the handfasting cords around the couple's wrists and hands. Wrap the cord once around each, or choose a number that is meaninful to you Do not wrap the cords too tightly (The hands should be able to slip out of the cord after the ceremony) Tie a tight knot, connecting the two ends of the Allow the couple to slip off the handfasting cord, keeping the ends knotted, after the ceremony ( Note: the hand fasting ribbon or cord is usually kept by the bride/groom in a keepsake box)
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