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Mother Daughter dance?

So here's my dilemma (a minor problem in the grand scheme of things...)

My father chose to not be part of my family's life anymore about 7 years ago, so needless to say I have no relationship with him.  We haven't spoken, he's not invited, I don't even know if he knows I'm getting married.  My mom has been more of a father than him most of my life anyway... so I was thinking of doing a Mother-Daughter dance in lieu of a Father-Daughter dance...  or should I just not have a dance?  My FI's mother would be heartbroken if she didn't have a dance with her son, so we can't skip it altogether. Am I better off skipping MY dance?  I'm mostly afraid that people will feel sorry for me (is that pathetic, or what?) but I want to keep the mood of my wedding positive!

My mom is walking me down the aisle.  I have an older brother who is in the wedding party, but I am not super close with him.

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