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Name change (unique idea...)

Well, my fiancee's last name is VanDeLaarschot (very Dutch name). Ever since we got engaged we did not really want to keep the name since it is very long to write and EVERYone ends up misspelling or mispronouncing it.

We were thinking about combining our last names (not hyphenating). We will take the "Laar" part of his name and take the "son" part of my last name (Hanson) and make a new last name: Laarson.

What is everyone's opinion on the idea?

Re: Name change (unique idea...)

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    I adore this idea! Go for it!!!
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    I love the idea and this is becoming a more common option.  It's like taking the two families and merging them with the last name to show it off. I love it! If you two are down, go for it!

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