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Help! Moved and changing name

I'm a little confused about the best way to go about doing all of this, so I figured I'd ask you ladies. I was living in MA before I got married and now I'm living in NY. I bought a car about 5 days before getting married and I could not change my mailing address, driver's license, or anything like that until I had the title for my car, which I just picked up from my parent's house this week. In NY, you're supposed to notify them/get a state driver's license within 30 days of becoming a resident (I've now been here for 36 days). Would it be better for me to just get everything switched over to New York and then switch it to my married name or is it easier to just bite the bullet and switch my place of residence and my name at the same time? 

Re: Help! Moved and changing name

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    Try posting this on the New York boards...

    <------ over there.

    The girls there can probably help you out, being more familiar with NY laws and how things are generally done there than we are.  Things can be different from state to state.
  • In order to comply with state law, you may need to get the license in your old name, then get a new one in your new name when you're ready for the name change. Having said this, I've busted the 30-day rule before in other states and it s Ono big deal, but I can't recommend that you knowingly break the could be a big deal in New York....who knows? Step one is the Social Security Administration -- you should have a local office. Call and ask what documents you need to bring with you (probably your old SS card, your signed marriage certificate, maybe your birth certificate). They will issue you a temporary social security card in your new name, and order you a permanent one that will arrive in a few weeks. Once you have the temporary card, you can get your new driver's license, etc. I wouldn't worry about changing the name on the title of your car, though you may need to re-title it in your new state if you plan to register the car there (which you may need to do). Otherwise, you should be fine to leave the title in your maiden name -- if you need to, you can always prove your identity with your marriage certificate because it will show both names. Hope this helps!
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    While I did not also do a move to a new state.  I did SS first, then the DMV.  I was able to change my license and the registration on the car to my new name in one visit.  Just make sure you have all of the documents necessary.  I also changed the name on my car insurance, before I went to the DMV.  It should save you in fees and hassle to get everything done at once. 

    I left the title of the car alone.  When you sell the car, you will probably just have to sign your maiden name, then your married name when turning the title over to the next person.
  • Get your car taken care of ASAP. Do you have legal insurance and a valid registration for MA?

    If you are pulled over, or even if you park on the street, you can get a ticket for not having a valid NY registration.
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