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name change and the post office?

Practical question here - I'm newly married and in the midst of changing my name (I've been to Social Security and am waiting for the new card to arrive in the mail so I can do everything else). Do I need to submit some kind of form to let the post office know that my name has changed? I kind of figured I would, but all I could find on their website was the usual address change form, which this is not.

Re: name change and the post office?

  • I would go ask in person. Some will deliver mail to anyone, as long as the address is correct. Some will question a "new" resident at an established address and might hold the mail.

    You could also just leave a note for your mail carrier.
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  • I doubt it.  I did not change my name and get mail all the time addressed to GLB Husbandslastname.
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  • I didn't and haven't had any problems.
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    I would think as long as you change your name on your accounts that send you mail (bank, credit card, magazines, etc) it shouldn't be a problem. Put a ticker inside your mailbox with both your and your husband's full name and that should lar any confusion with the post-person.  They do it all the time in Michigan at apartment complexes. They write the new resident's name on a label sticker and put it on the inside of the mailbox.

    I really don't think the post office cares too much.  My friend still gets magazines at her apt. that the old resident subscribed to.

    Bu tif you feel the need to talk to someone directly I would call the local number and ask for the manager instead of talking to someone at the front desk! Hope that helps!
  • I never changed my name with the post office and have had no issues.

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  • I get mail for the woman who used to own my house who has been dead for ten years. I'm not sure the post office even checks names! As pp's have said, you may put something on your mail box just to be on the safe side, but I dn't think you'll have a problem.
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  • I doubt the post office is going to notice or care that you changed your name.  I'm not planning on doing anything.
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