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mother of groom in black?

My fiance's mother wants to wear black to the wedding because she already has a nice black outfit. Is this color considered acceptable for the mother of the groom? She asked me and is waiting for my answer.

Re: mother of groom in black?

  • I think it's fine.  My sister's MIL wore a black and white outfit and it looked really good in the pics.  Especially the ones with just her sons with their tuxes.
  • Its fine! The last wedding that I went to had the MOG in a simple black dress and the MOB was in a black skirt and red top. If location matters, I'm from Texas...
  • It's perfectly fine.  As long as she's not wearing it with a scowl on her face, it's a great color on many women.
  • I think it's fine... my mother is wearing black... I helped her pick it out..
  • You should tell her that anything she likes and feels lovely is in is wonderful. You should not let it bug you.     That said I come from teh culture that it is a smidge of an insult but it is clear as she is asking your opinion that no insult is meant so roll with it.  
  • Both my mom and step mom are wearing black, I don't know what his mom is wearing yet...  It is more common these days...
  • My mom wore black, my dad's wife wore black and white and it looked fine.
  • My mom's friend wore black to her sons.  My moms dress is about half black, with some other colors on the top part.  I don't see anything wrong with it.
  • My MIL wore black to our wedding and nobody, especially us, thought anything of it.
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  • I think that it is totally fine.  My mom, my stepmom, and the FI's mom are all wearing black dresses to our wedding next month.  I think black is classy and no one looks bad in it. 
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