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More than one MOH?

I decided I'm going to have two MOH - both maids, neither is a matron.  I have two best friends who I think both deserve the distinction.  I've read a couple boards and googled the issue, but haven't found any information on how to list them in the program - any ideas?  I've heard the term "co-maid of honor" but i'm not a big fan of that, can I just list them both as maid of honor? I know the one I've been friends with longer will be listed first, and standing next to me, bc my other friend will obviously understand that historically she's been around longer. The seating issue is also a non-issue bc the head table will be my fiance and both of our immediate families instead.  I'll probably have one hold the ring, the other the bouquet, during the ceremony... are there any other significant MOH duties I'm forgetting to divide?

Re: More than one MOH?

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    Just write: "Maids of Honor: Janet Jones and Susie Smith" in the program. Do it alphabetically if you want to keep it neutral. Hold ring/bouquet, straighten out your train when you stand during the ceremony, sign the license as the official witness, give a toast if she wants, stand next to you in photos. Divide it up accordingly.
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    Their are no MOH duties. They are just to purchase their attire and show up for your Wedding. Yes they both can be MOH's. You can have one hold the bouquet and the other hold the rings.
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    Just list them in alphabetical order as Maid of Honor next to each name.DH is co best man.  There's no need to re-define them or come up with new verbage.  He's just listed on BIL's wedding website as Best Man along with another guy.
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    comaid of honor orLisa Simpson- Maid of honor Maggy Simpson- Maid of honor
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