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Where to start

My name is Marie and I am getting married April 17th! Its right around the corner. Where are some good places to look for decorations and flowers? I can use all the help I can get. Thanks!

Re: Where to start

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    I used Eden's Echos for flowers and was really happy with her work.

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    Welcome and congratulations on your engagement! I would actually start looking for venues before looking into decorations or flowers. Some venues already have a lot of decorations and others may require more work. I would say, establish your budget first and foremost and then google 'wedding budget.' You can download spreadsheets that have most of the costs associated with your wedding broken down. Once you know how much you have to work with start with the venue, dress and photographer. You'll find that a lot of us who have been planning for a while have loads of recommendations. I'm also using Eden's Echo for flowers. Erin (the owner of Eden's Echo) is very nice and lots of girls on this board use her.
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    I agree with both PPs. Eden's Echo is very popular on here for flowers, but the first place to start is picking your ceremony and reception venue so you know what you will be working with. My venue is the Botanical Gardens so I am definitely not doing very much as far as flowers go since it's already so beautiful there.
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    How much are the Botanical Gardens to rent? I couldn't find the prices on their website.
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