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Bridesmaid dress fabric question

I've chosen Robin's Egg Blue as the color of my bridemaids dresses.  It's a wedding next May, so we'll do short.  And I've picked Alfred Angelo.  Otherwise, I'm leaving it up to my girls.  Should I have them all stick with one fabric (like satin), or would it look okay to mix fabrics?  There are several dresses with mixed fabrics (like satin with chiffon), so I'm thinking it will look good.  Any thoughts?
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Re: Bridesmaid dress fabric question

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    I picked a fabric just because my wedding was outdoors in May and I wanted my girls to be in as light of a dress as possible so I pick chiffon or georgette.  If you don't pick a specific fabric I think that they will all look fine together.  If you have any doubts then go to AA and look at them together.
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    You should be fine. Most bridesmaids dresses are made either out of satin or chiffon or a mixture of the two.
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    You should be good - I let my girls pick their dresses and some have satin some have chiffon.  While they do look a little different, I think thats ok because all the dresses are different themselves. 
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