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I am planning my wedding and so far have a really uneven bridal party and I understand people say how that is ok but in my head I just do not see how this works. If anyone would be willing to explain to me how that works and it looking nice that would be great. So far I have 2 for sure bridesmaids and maybe a third. My third bridesmaid has been a great friend to me but all of a sudden became really shaky and I am not sure what happened. My fiance has 4 groomsmen and they are all really supportive of us both and I would not want to make any of them not a part of our bridal party because I was not able to find more people to be in my bridal party. If any one has any comments please let me know I am very interested in hearing other peoples opinions on this thank you much.


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    Well, don't think of them as having to be "couples" who sit next to each other at the head table, they don't have to walk down the aisle together on the way up or the way down, and they are people who are dear to you- not just space fillers.
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    Have the groomsmen up front for the processional.  Hardly anyone pays attention to the recessional once the bride and groom has recessed.

    Or some groomsmen can walk with two bridesmaids, or a couple bridesmaids can walk alone. 
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    Definitely don't think of them as "couples".

    When it comes to walking down the aisle, you could have the groomsman walk by himself or pair two groomsmen with one bridesmaid.

    As for everything else, don't worry about it.  More and more receptions I've attended don't have the BP seated together and instead they're scattered amongst friends throughout the reception.
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    We didn't do them as couples and it was PERFECT. I mean, these people do NOT know each other outside of our wedding. Some of them are 15 years older than the other....why do they NEED to be in couples? They don't. For the processional, we had all the gm walk down singly, then had the groom escorted in, and then  all the bms came in one by one too. At the reception, we had a siblings tables with their dates, and the other bp members that weren't family sat throughout the site with their dates.
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    Here's what we did:

    GM waited up at the front with DH, BMs walked in solo.  On the way back, they paired up as they walked out and one GM scooped up the last two BMs.  

    You can also do a weave or have everyone walk up single file.

    We didn't do a head table or WP dance.  The WP sat with their dates and friends and DH and I sat at a sweetheart table by ourselves, which was really nice because it was the only time we got to spend together all night.
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    Thank you all for the help it helped alot :)
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