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Bridesmaid drama. (long)

We just picked our BP literally a week ago and we already have issues. One of my BMs dates a GM. They've been dating for almost a year. We'll call her Steph and him Don. Well Don almost dated another one of the BMs before he met Steph. We'll call her Nikki.

Now Steph is calling me and texting me constantly asking me about Nikki and if she's trying to move in on Don. Well Nikki wants nothing to do with Don. Nikki is the one that end the "relationship" before it ever even started. Nikki doesn't have a BF though, and that worries Steph. I told her she needs to just sit down and talk with Nikki about it. Nikki's really cool about stuff and definitely isn't going to get mad over the situation.

Me and Nikki talked about the situation she said "Hey, I completely understand where she's coming from, if she'd just talk to me we could clear it up". Well Steph won't talk to Nikki. Steph ignores Nikki everytime she tries to talk to her. She wants me to play mediator and I want no part.

I don't want to be accused of taking sides and really don't want the headache I know is fixing to come. How I can I make Steph understand that she needs to deal with this herself, with out coming off as a b!tch?

Re: Bridesmaid drama. (long)

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    Yeah, I think you might have to be firm to say "it's not my business" and leave it alone.
    She sounds insecure over something that *could've* happened, so I'd imagine she's insecure in general. "What if he thinks that other girl is pretty?" Um... so?
    It's not your job to put her at ease. No matter what you did, she's still going to carry her thoughts on this. She needs to talk to Don. It's that relationship she needs to worry about, since that's the one that can go away if she keeps up the insecurity.
    Nobody wants to think about their S/O with another person, but it's likely that it's happned. She's worried about someone that he didn't actually date.
    Tell her to talk to her BF. Before Nikki, and instead of you. You didn't date any of them!
    Good luck.
    Night swimming in the ocean= pretty sweet reception!
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