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How many ushers?

How many ushers would you recommend for a wedding with 175-200 guests?  The ceremony will in a church with a pretty long aisle, so it will take a while to escort someone from the entryway to seats near the front.

FI has 2 friends he'd like to include as ushers.  I have 3 cousins I am all equally close to that I would like to involve if possible. However, I feel like I either have to ask all 3 of them or none of them to be ushers. So that would mean either 2 ushers or 5 ushers.  I feel like 5 ushers is kind of overkill (and getting expensive).

Am I completely overthinking this?  How many ushers, if any, did you have?

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    How many groomsmen do you have?  They can help with the seating too. 

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    I honestly have no idea whether we had ushers.  I remember asking DH if the GM could help usher if it seemed to be needed, but half our guests were late to the ceremony so I doubt it actually was needed.  There were about 65 guests other than those standing up with us or moms being seated.

    I have no idea if I actually asked them about it anyhow (the GM were DH's brothers and I talk to them more often than DH does).
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    I have heard the recommendation of 1 usher per 50 people but this is not a hard and fast rule. I would say go for the 5. What is really the added expense besides the bout? So an extra $50, seems worth it to include your family. Another rule I have heard is 1 usher per aisle (church weddings) with the center aisle counting as two (I guess because you can sit on both sides of the aisle?)
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    We had two for 140-150 guests (I forget what our final count was). 
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