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Seating Chart Vent

We have the majority of our RSVPs in, so I decided to start organizing our confirmed guests into tables for the reception. I heard from so many brides how annoying it is to do a seating chart, but I didn't really understand why until I tried to start mine. UGH. It's such a huge pain in the butt. Trying to make each table add up to 8 guests exactly is a lot trickier than you would think. 

And now, my FI and I are debating what to do with kids. We will have approximately 25 kids (15 or under). He wants to do kids tables for them. I am worried they will get out of control if seated all together without grown-ups, so I wanted to seat them with their respective parents. He thinks they will be really bored this way and make it less fun for their parents, as well, which I can see his point, but I'm also really worried about how these kids will act during speeches and such without adults at their tables.

Anyone else start this process yet? How are you dealing with seating children? And are you trying to seat ppl with only ppl they known, or mixing it up more so ppl will meet new ppl?
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Re: Seating Chart Vent

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    We are seating kids with their parents.  My fear is the same as your's about them not behaving if they are left alone.

    As far as the seating numbers, some of our tables have 8 people and some have 10 which is the max for us.  Our venue coordiantor told us to send her our seating chart so they will be able to arrange the chairs where needed.  We are trying to only seat people with ones that they will know so that no one feels bored.
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    We're seating kids with their parents. I don't think it will make it less fun for the parents. I've never seen 'kids' tables' at weddings. I'd be worried for the same reasons you are. 

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    Kids tables sound likea bad idea. I'm sure the parents and the kids would both be happier sitting together than apart. I would try to seat families with young kids together and families without kids at different tables.
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    I agree with pp. I'm seating children with parents.
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    We are sitting the kids with their parents for the dinner, later on in the evening we have 3 nannys to entertain the kids. Im speaking about 10 and younger, 15 year olds will seat with other teenagers. They really would be bored with parents and arent that small of kids any longer.

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    We are seating kids with their parents, but then also having a kids corner they can go to.  It will have coloring books and that sort of thing to occupy them outside of dinner and times where people will be sitting.
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    We are also seating the few kids invited with the parents.

    We have not really started the seating chart yet and honestly I am REALLY dreading this part!
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    FI and I wrote each party and the amount number on a piece of paper. We sat down on the ground and built out tables. its a lot easier when you have something physical to touch instead of relying on the net. We broke it down to Family and Friends. We first worked on the family. then moving to friends. We started with partys of 6 then 4 then filled in parties of 2. Leaving parties of 1 last. Its easier to fill in parties of 1 then it is 4, 3, 2 etc. 

    As for children, kids will be sitting with their parents. Children 2 or under we asked that they not have their own seat. Everyone we spoke to agreed and said that was just fine. Ages 3+ usually will have their own meal and can have their own seat. 

    While doing this the other night FI and I got into an arguement and I said, not EVERYONE is going to be able to sit with people they may know. Its not like these people are expected to sit in their seat the entire time. They just have to eat dinner there and they can mingle, dance, chat, be at the bar etc. So dont stress out wether or not someone wont know the people at their table. 
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    Okay, I'm glad you all are confirming my original approach to the seating! I will use your comments to hopefully convince my FI to see it my way :)
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    We were originally going to do this, however, I just don't want to deal with it...and if I know our families they'll be well behaved...but I don't have the floor space to do that anymore...
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    We only have 3 kids under age 18 so they are sitting with their parents.  We have "kids" tables of our cousins but that's more generational like 20-30 year olds than truely kids.  I already started the process as well and I am hoping for a few certain no's so I can consolidate our tables a bit :-\.

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    I wrote all the guest names on post it notes that I can move around to figure out seating. I also color coded the people into one of 4 categories: Groom's family, Bride's family, Groom's friends, Brides friends. I am trying my best to seat people with others that they know but also fill up the tables. I like having the post it notes that I can easily move around as RSVP's come in. 

    My RSVP deadline isn't until the end of the month, but I've started now and just move people around as responses come in. This way it'll be one less thing to stress about as we get closer to the wedding. It's a super busy time at work for me right now, so anything to make life easier!
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