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Did anyone ask their BMs in a creative way?

Hi All,

We're doing a story for The Knot Magazine and looking for creative ways that you asked your bridesmaids. Can you please list your cute ideas below or you can email me at This list will be sent to the editors, so please keep your posts kind and courteous.

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Re: Did anyone ask their BMs in a creative way?

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    I bought  these heart puzzles at Michael's and I wrote, You are an important piece of the puzzle, will you be my bride'smaid?"  I then broke then up and sent them in the mail.
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    I called them, and then found stationary with peacock feathers on them (because that was our theme) and wrote to them how I was so blessed to have them in my lives. So I didn't ASK them creatively, but I wrote them right after telling them how excited I was and how I loved their support. They called me back saying that they letters made them cry.
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    i gave them big cookies and wrote "will you be my bride'smaid?" on them in icing. then we got to sit around and stuff our faces with chocolate chip cookies! i asked my MOH while we were drinking a bottle of wine in a french cafe after an appointment at kleinfeld's.
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