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Oh geez. It got worse.

The bride who kicked me out of her wedding and stepped down, is telling our mutual friends that I kicked HER out.  I did NO such thing!! I am just baffled.  What would you do?
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Re: Oh geez. It got worse.

  • Ignore her. Your friends will probably know that it's not true. And yes, Thank the Lord you no longer have a "friend" this toxic.
  • I was just so shocked! She has already replaced me and then told all our mutual friends INCLUDING my FI. He was livid. I know he set her straight, but I don't know if anyone else heard. 
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  • Let her go.  If a friend asks you about it, tell them the truth.  If you know specific people who have been told this lie, I would have no problem making sure they knew the truth.  Good riddance to her!
  • If anyone asks you about say 'I'm not a mean rude person and I am too much of a lady to talk about what actually happened,"
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  • I'm sorry this is all happening to you, especially with your own wedding coming up. Wedding planning is stressful enough, you definitely do not need all this drama
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    I think you dodged a bullet, actually. God only knows how much worse it will get for the other unlucky bridesmaids. I'm sorry that happened to you.
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    I think so too.  I'd leave it alone unless someone brings it up to you.
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