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How much to put in red envelopes?

We're having our tea ceremony and banquet this Saturday (doing this in San Francisco where all of my family is -- we got married and had a formal ceremony and reception on 9/19 in Nebraska)...  I know we're supposed to give red envelopes to relatives younger than us that are unmarried.  My question is -- how much?  I have no idea as I've never attended a tea ceremony before.  Are we talking about like $1's or $20's?  And we're supposed to give two envelopes to each "child", right?  I didn't know if there was like a norm out there in the Chinese community that them or their parents would expect...Thanks!
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Re: How much to put in red envelopes?

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    Umm... I didn't know about this tradition so I didn't give away any red envelopes to younger relatives. But my parents gave red envelopes to my cousins who helped out with the tea ceremony (the ones who poured the tea, held the tray, etc.). I think that they contained something small, maybe $20 or $30.
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    For little kids, we're talking about 1's and 5's. For older, we're talking 10's and 20's. I don't think the amount is very important because (with the exception of kittle kids) no one opens it until after the event, anyway. It's rude to open in front of others.Just give as your hearts feels.  Just a Thank You tip.
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    we gave out 5's to our younger cousins.
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    Thanks for your responses!  I know we're supposed to give two envelopes to each younger, unmarried relative, so I think we're just going to go ahead with one $5 in each envelope for a total of $10 per person. 
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    you don't really give out red envelops to younger kids during your wedding. you receive envelops from elders. you usually give them out during new years, etc after you are married.
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    jsmlo - actually you also give them out after your tea ceremony (or after you get married) too!
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    $10-$20 each envelope is fine!
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