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Are you girls just using numbers like normal? or are you using cities/other languages/wines/etc to spice it up?I was thinking of doing marriage virtues. But I am not sure now.  Because we are having an interaccial marriage, I was thinking of having things written in Chinese and the English translation on the same card, maybe on the flip side.

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    I used numbers with my colors and some decoration on one side and a picture from our engagement session on the other side. People liked them and actually took them. 
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    I used numbers for simplicity's sake. I did post them on pictures of us and people took them too like Mrs. Wan. I like your Chinese and English marriage virtues idea.
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    Spelled out the numbers in English and also used Chinese numerals. We put the banquet menu on the back of the table numbers.

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    We made lanterns out of bristol board to place on the guest tables.  Two of the sides we place the table number..and on the other two side we put the menu (one in chinese and other in english).
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    I am also doing table lanterns with the table numbers on two sides and the menu on the other two. We're doing a seating chart, so I think having numbers versus words has a cleaner look. But, I like your idea of having Chinese and English on the same card.
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    We are using large playing cards. Guests will pick up the matching card with their name on it to find their table.
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