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Traditional embroidered signing cloth

We're using the embroidered silk signing cloth (with the dragon/phoenix) as our guest book. Does anyone have any tips on the best type of pens to use on it? Should I put some sort of cardboard or posterboard underneath it, so it's easier for people to write on? Thanks!

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    I used spray adhesive to mount it on a piece of foam board I bought from the art store.  The foam boards they have at Michaels were too small for mine so I I had the art store cut it to size (with about a 3" perimeter on each side). 

    I was going to get pens with archival ink from the art store but I ran out of time and just bought fine point Sharpies.
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    I went to a couple of weddings where they used sharpies.  They seemed to work fine.  FYI, just make sure whoever puts the cloth out can read Chinese.  I went to one where the back side of the cloth was turned up for people to sign, and I guess no one noticed.
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    where can I get one ?
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    oh my goodness. That's horrible -- signing it on the wrong side! ): That reminds me of a See's store my mom and I went into one time around Chinese New Year and they had some sign up and it was upside down.

    I'm glad I saw this thread -- I totally forgot about this signing cloth. I've seen it at other weddings I've been to, but my parents haven't said anything. I'm also getting a guestbook from my photographer (it came with our package). I better ask to make sure my mom isn't getting the cloth...
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    I also would like to know where to get one.  Anyone know?
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    My aunt got mine for me, but I don't know from where--I'm guessing Chicago's Chinatown. However, I had started looking online and found this one:
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    You can find the signing cloths at Chinese bookstores.
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