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Did most people do a program including all the ceremony events in their order? Or did people just list a few customs and traditions so that guests (especially) non-jews could understand what was happening?

i cant decide how i want ot handle this. we are an interfaith wedding officiated by a rabbi. i'd like guests to have a chance to read about and understand the customs, but not necessarily have a play by play of everything that happens. 

any suggestions welcome, and if people have theirs and are willing to share, i would love it. 

please feel free to email it to: lynniearudner at gmail dot com
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Re: Program Question

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    Most of the guests at our Jewish wedding are non-Jews, so we did explain key wedding symbols and traditions.  We started with a little paragraphs explaining this; something like:  "The Jewish wedding ceremony is rich in symbols and rituals, and this program is provided to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of our wedding ceremony."

    Then we listed the key elements with a couple of sentences explaining what they were/what they meant to us.  Here's the list:
    • Bedeken,
    • Ketubah,
    • Circling,
    • The Chuppah,
    • The Processional (parents walking groom then bride),
    • Sheva B’rachot (Seven Blessings),
    • Breaking of the Glass, and
    • Yichud.
    Your rabbi may have examples to show you of interfaith programs.  Our rabbi showed us a few, but we ended up looking online for samples (e.g. 


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    You can download a copy of ours from this link.  We explained all of the customs, and also included a complete copy of the ceremony (with translations and transliterations of the Hebrew) so guests could follow along.
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    I just e-mailed you my program.
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    Similar to brendaman, I outlined the various parts, but I ordered them in the way they will be done in the ceremony.  I also added some of my personal touches for why we did certain things in a few parts, but otherwise kept if fairly broad.

    And unless your family and other friends are super observant, don't be surprised if a few Jews learn a thing or two; you'd be surprised, as I've done so much, how folks didn't know about of things because many weddings they have attended haven't incorporated to vast traditions that exist, aside from the ketubah, kiddush cup and glass smashing.

    I'm very much looking forward to bringing a little ol' skool back to the in-laws.  :D

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    Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    Please send all copies of your programs to me at wedding9510 at hotmail dot com.  I'm starting to gather examples of programs so I can decide how I want to word my programs which I will be printing myself.
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