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Gifts for Ketubah Witnesses?

Is it typical to give a gift to the Ketubah witnesses? If so, what have you given? FI and I are trying to tackle the BM/GM gifts this month...as well as ketubah peeps if need be.

Re: Gifts for Ketubah Witnesses?

  • RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    both of our witnesses were in the bridal party and received the same gifts that the rest of the bridal party did.  i don't think it is necessary to give your witnesses a gift, the honor and your sincere appreciation should be more than enough imo.  we did list our witnesses in our program fyi.
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  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    All of our guests will witness our ketubah, so I'm hoping the answer is no.  (Although actually, since we are paying for accommodations for all of them, I suppose that could count.)
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    We had two uncles witness our ketubah and, no, we didn't give them anything.
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    my best friend/MOH was one non-rabbinical witness and Jared's uncle (through marriage) was the other. Both rabbis served as the "official" witnesses. My MOH got her bridal party gift, Jared's uncle got the honor of signing our marriage license, ketubah, and doing a reading during the ceremony (jared's small family = lots of rolls for uncle).
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    rolls = roles. clearly I am craving bread
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    If you can afford it, it's a nice thing to do. Go ahead and give whatever you're giving to your bridal party. We are not having BM or GM and instead having 2 of his best-guy-friends and of my best-girl-friends sign the ketubah publicly before chuppah ceremony. What are you giving your BM/GM? We're looking for ideas too. . . .
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    Hi Megan Small bridal party (3GM, 3BM) I'm giving the girls digital photo frames pre-loaded with a personalized album for each. Two of them are my cousins, so we have a lot of pictures from growing up together. I don't think people really buy digital frames for themselves yet, so I'm excited to give that to them. They are also getting sterling silver/CZ jewelry for their BM attire (but I own a jewelry distribution company...so I know friends in low places!) I think the guys are getting a certificate for a custom-made man's dress shirt. FI is much older, and his brother/GM's are too. We were thinking for the ketubah signers, if anything, we'd give them each a nice pen. WDYT?
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    I found a lovely cross pen and pencil set on Amazon and it was down to $15 or so.  It worked out really well!
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    I dunno if it's typical, but we gave our ketubah and marriage license witnesses engraved pens. We gave our GM and Jr GM sack chairs with their names on them (Best gift ever!!!) and my BM got jewelry and travel jewelry cases.
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  • signingjuliesigningjulie member
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    I don't think it's necessarily typical, but it's a nice gesture if you can afford it. I signed my friend's ketubah and did not receive a gift.
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    pens are a nice idea but only if you have extra money left over in your budget. a gift is never expected but will always bring a smile to their faces I'm sure.
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