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New Jersey Kosher Wedding Venue

Hello everyone,

We are looking to get married in 2013, preferably in North Jersey (but anywhere in NJ).  Does anyone have experience with NJ venues that have kosher kitchens?  What are the general prices?  We are going to start looking at venues in January and have already emailed some, but we want to see if anyone has any tips.

Thank you!

Re: New Jersey Kosher Wedding Venue

  • The Crystal Plaza!!  It's where I got married and they are equpped to do both kosher and glatt kosher weddings.  They are not cheap, but, oh, so worth it!!!

    You can also look at the Rockleigh Country Club.  It is one of the premiere wedding locations, in NJ, but, in my opinion, the CP blows it away.  At the CP, you are the only wedding.  At the Rockleigh, which is beautiful, you have up to 4 affairs going on at a time.

    Food-wise, you can't go wrong with either.

    Another place you can check which I expect would be less expensive (but, certainly not inexpensive) would be Richfield Regency.  Oh, and I think the Atrium in West Orange has a kosher kitchen, but, don't hold me to that.

    If you have other NNJ places you're looking at and you want to run them by me, feel free to do so!

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  • Not sure if you want to have a Temple wedding - but I have been to 2 wedding at Temple Beth Ahm in Springfield and to 1 at Temple Emanu-El in Closter, NJ and they have all been great and full kosher - high recommend trying these venues out.
  • Thanks so much!  We are looking at CP, the Atrium, Richfield Regency, and Palisadium this weekend!
  • We went with Richfield Regency :)  5/26/2013
  • There are loads! It kind of depends on the size of your wedding, and if you are talking about kosher-style or actually glatt kosher. I am getting married in 2 months at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ as the poster above said. I am absolutely THRILLED with them. They are SO accommodating and really make it all about the couple! We are getting married on a weeknight in an off season and they were really willing to work with us on price. When it came to glatt kosher catering prices, they were some of the best that didn't require a 400 person minimum(like places like Marina Del Ray and a lot of the other huge venues).

    A lot of people lately in my circles have been getting married at The Venetian in Garfield, NJ. It's huge, beautiful, very gilded gold type architecture. They were comparable in price and much more flexible about how many guests they could accomodate, but they WILL do more than one wedding or event at the same time. We were very against that. Also, they only allow glatt kosher catering on monday-thursday, as they need one day to be able to kasher their kitchens and are not willing to lose out on booking a non-kosher saturday wedding to be able to kasher the kitchen for sunday.

    Two other common venues are The Atrium and The Wilshire Grand, both in West Orange, NJ. Both are very lovely and not terribly priced -- but when they quote you price, it will NOT include service fees(20%ish).

    For smaller weddings, Royal Manor in Garfield is a relatively new, recently renovated venue with an incredible outdoor area. Their exclusive caterer is Five Star Catering -- We spoke with Daniel, who was very non-nonsense and great about everything, even though we didn't go this route.

    I hear Richfield Regency only does kosher-style and not glatt kosher, but they are kind of vague about this fact so be careful if you need glatt kosher!

    Really though, Crystal Plaza is absolutely amazing with everything. They have been incredible, and a friend got married there this past summer and said they really take care of you. Good luck!
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    [QUOTE]We went with Richfield Regency :)  5/26/2013
    Posted by CarlaRose24[/QUOTE]

    Mazel Tov!!
    Not a newbie, but, had to create a new account - formerly LBR_NJ


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  • Thanks so much for all the info!
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