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Parent's Ketubah?

Hi Knotties,

In searching for our own Ketubah, I stubmled across this concept of a 'parents ketubah' - something you give as a give to your parents as  a 'thank you' for raising you, blah blah....

I thought it was a very unique concept, something special to give our parent's as a thank you.

Has anyone ever done this or heard of it? Not eve sure their is a 'jewish' reason behind it.


Re: Parent's Ketubah?

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    I don't quite understand it.  I think of the ketubah as the marriage contract, and contracts are generally forward-looking, so I don't get how you could do a "thank you ketubah" or what that would be.  Maybe someone else has heard of it, though. 

    A lovely piece of Jewish art would be a beautiful parent gift, though, and you could have the design personalized.  Maybe you could include the text of the blessing parents say for their kids on Shabbat?  Just a random idea!

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    Yep. We gave them (the ones from My parents have it hanging in their bedroom, and my ILs have it out somewhere (I forget where). It's not a ketubah like a wedding ketubah, but it basically follows all the promises in a regular ketubah and thanks the parents for teaching you about those things. It's just a gift, there's no reason to do it.
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    You are probably referring to the parents’ gift ketubah. We got one for my parents from is basically a mini print of your Ketubah with a thank you text instead of your text, that you give the parents as a thank you gift. This came out as a really beautiful gift an my parents got really emotional over it!
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    I am a Ketubah artist. I like the idea of a parents' gift. I have an art print website where I offer personalized prints for special occassions such as the one you mentioned above. If you would like to check out my sites please visit and

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    My sister-in-law did this too.  She bought them from in designs that matched her ketubah- in canvas which was gorgeous!.  There is no Jewish reason behind it, just a beautiful way to thank your parents. I believe the sizes are standard so you can just buy a standard store bought frame- nothing expensive or fancy.
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