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Booked a venue without seeing it....

Am I crazy?

My family and my FI family has been going back and forth with dates. Originally we settled on Jan. 8th and that was all set.  It turns out though, flights are $3500 from Australia that week in January which is rediculous and FF points are blacked out. MInd you there are 6 of them in the immediate family.

Therefore we had to move it to Dec 4th, which is just before the peak period and they can use their points.

The venue I want had another couple interested in that date and I didn't want to miss out on it. I'm determined not to get married in a Temple, Country Club, or Hotel (hence why this venue is perfect).

I just put down a $500d deposit, and while I feel good that it's set - I also feel a little crazy.  My parents and I aren't going down till May 20th too look at places, almost 4 weeks away.

Just needed to vent...

Re: Booked a venue without seeing it....

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    Have you seen pictures online (even if it's the venue's self-promotion) and read reviews?  My FI and I looked at a handful of venues before deciding, and we basically felt the same way after seeing them as we thought we would feel based on the location, type of venue, and reviews/photos online. 

    If I remember correctly, you're getting married in Florida.  That time of year, with the venue restrictions you're imposing, it was probably smart to reserve something that looks like it will be great for you. 

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    Yea, we looked at ton's of photo's online - but only saw one (positive) review. I think it's a bit of a hidden gem as most people choose the Temple, Hotel, Country Club Route down in South Florida.

    I put down the $500 deposit to hold the location - and I feel good about that.

    Fingers crossed it will all work out!  Will report back in May once I've gone down there.

    Jessica - I see you live in Maine, did you do your wedding planning in the NE area? Looking for Bridal Salons on the North Shore of MA up through Seacoast of NH where my parents live.
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    I will PM you with a post I put on my local board about shopping in Portland. 

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