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description of yichud in program

We're including an explanation of what yichud is in our programs, as many of our guests are not Jewish. So far, I've got: "Following the cermony, A and B will retreat for eighteen minutes to a private space to spend their first moments as a married couple in yichud- seclusion.  Eighteen is an auspicious number in Judaism as it represents life..." Any thoughts as to how to continue?
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Re: description of yichud in program

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    In ours we have

    The newly married couple will take a few quiet moments for reflection. They will return to the reception after a short while. Please go ahead and enjoy some refreshments during this time.

    Originally I had it starting as the bride and groom will spend their first few minutes alone as a married couple (or something like that) but FI thought that sounded like we were going off to have sex for a bit.
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    This is what I wrote in mine:

    After the ceremony, we will leave the Chuppah and go off to a private room to be left alone for a short time. These moments of seclusion signify the newly acquired right of the bride and groom to live together as husband and wife, as well as give us an opportunity to relax for a few minutes before joining all of you to celebrate.
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    Here is what we had:

    Immediately following the ceremony, BRIDE and GROOM will retreat to a private room for a few moments of seclusion to reflect on this new chapter in their lives.  Guests are invited to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the mansion’s foyer!

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    Thanks, folks!
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