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Alternate Name for Rehearsal Dinner

So my FIs family tradition is that all OOT guests are invited to the RD. But we aren't doing a rehearsal and his mom and him don't want it called that. They keep calling it the pre-nuptial dinner. But I hate how that sounds. We are inviting over 100 people to it and including the invitation and RSVP in our wedding invitations.

Any ideas on what to call it? Saturday Night Dinner? Welcome Dinner? Havdalah Meal (even though it will start before Havdalah)? Out Of Town Meal? Shalom Supper?

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Re: Alternate Name for Rehearsal Dinner

  • Magdala9Magdala9 member
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    We called it the rehearsal dinner even though there was no rehearsal.   My MOH joked that it was the wedding eve party.   I was so nervous that I did not get the joke until later.   The name does not matter as long as you enjoy the celebration.  Enjoy!!
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    I might be having a Saturday dinner too... I was thinking of it being a "Havdalah Dinner" but I really like your idea of "Shalom Supper"! too cute!
    However, you could also call it a "Welcome Dinner", especially when many OOT guest are involved. 
  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    Erev wedding?

    At my first wedding, we called it the rehearsal dinner even though there was no rehearsal.  But you can call it whatever you like.
  • tenofcups4metenofcups4me member
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    If you want to play it straight, Welcome Dinner. Though Shalom Supper made me smile and could totally work if the rest of the wording is in keeping with that.

    When I was growing up and a young adult, Jews didn't have rehearsal dinners so the whole concept still weirds me out.
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    We had dinners every night once the guests came in, so we just called it a Rehearsal dinner (even though there was 140 people, a steel drum band, huge centerpieces and a groom's cake...could have been a freaking wedding in itself). It confused less people that way. You could call it the un-rehearsed dinner......lol. We did a rehearsal Friday. it was a busy weekend.
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    We called ours "a combination of our last names' Receiving Line" and the invitation was about helping us avoid having a receiving line.
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    OMG- my FI's family calls it a pre-nuptual dinner as well. So weird. I never heard it called that until they said it. My father was freaked. He thought it meant a dinner for signing a pre-nup. He was very upset about the way it was put out.
    We aren't calling it a RD. We're not really calling it anything. WE're just going to send out invites that say something along the line of "Please join us for dinner at: _________________________ in honor of your travels and participation in Sarah and Adam's wedding"
  • eks36eks36 member
    edited December 2011
    I keep referring to it as "The Get Together the Night Before the Wedding", but my fiance keeps calling it a "Rehearsal Dinner" even though I keep reminding him that we aren't having a rehearsal, so it doesn't make sense to call it that! Probably will call it the "Pre-Wedding BBQ" or something (ours will be a barbecue at my parent's house, most likely). I'm sure it will still be called the "Rehearsal Dinner" by some...

    PS:  I, too, love "Shalom Supper"! Maybe that's what we should call it...
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  • ShoshieShoshie member
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    I think we called it the Out-of-Towner Dinner.
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