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Other Ketubah Sites Feedback

Hi everyone!
I have been noticing that a lot of you will comment on using specific sites to get your ketubahs from, like mpartowrks and ketubahsforless.
Here is my problem:
There is a ketubah that I think i have fallen in love with, but it's not on either of these sites. I have found it on GalleryJudaica.com and KetubahGallery.com among some other locations as well.  My thing is, these look a lot less professional than the above mentioned websites and that makes me nervous.
Has anyone used either of these other sites?

Re: Other Ketubah Sites Feedback

  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    I used www.ketubahsandmore.com, so check out that one.
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    i'm going to use etsy.com

    personalized, cheap and completely unique
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  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    Which ketubah is it?  And which artist?  Personally, I would rather deal directly with the artist if possible, so that instructions don't get mangled as we got along.
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    check my "tips for brides" link in my siggy. all the sites I have listed were used by previous brides on this board.
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    Many will offer to send you a sample for a nominal fee (ie: mpartworks will supply you with a sample for $20, not sure if that includes shipping or not).  Get a sample, see if you like it; better to pay a few dollars upfront to know if something that's near and dear will be of high quality.

    Otherwise, as suggested, find out who the artist is and see if they have a website.  Not all artists, however, can be found or want to work directly with customers...
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    i went through gallery judaica and the woman i spoke with was extremely helpful and easy to work with.  She got me in touch directly with the artist, and the whole process worked out great.
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