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Checking in - Updates!

Hi Ladies,
Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing!

We survived the storm of Sandy that came in to destroy eveything that I love about the Jersey Shore!  We still don't have power, but with all people lost I am so happy for what I have!

Needless to say, I have been working on the wedding planning!

Our invitations are being completed.  We purchased printable ones, but I'm dressing them up a bit with a stamp on the envelope and a flower on the actual invite.  So far so good and I'm loving them!

Still working on fabric flower bouquests for my girls, had to pause working on them to get my invitaions done, as I would like to get them out this week.

My brooch bouquet I ordered in complete and on it's way, so is my "guest book" it's a poster where you sign the leaves on the tree.

We are going for our cake tasting this weekend, and my final trip to pick out a bridesmaid dress (they are all wearing the same color but different styles).

We have pretty much settled on our music, except for the first dance!! lol!! We haven't found the perfect one yet, just ones we like a heck of a lot!

So how is everyone else doing?  I'd love to hear updates, maybe I'm forgetting something super important!!

Talk soon!!


Re: Checking in - Updates!

  • We are doing good. We are meeting with our venue again and the DJ on Tuesday to finialize some things. Most of my invites are ready to be sent out at the beginning of December. Just have to get a few more addresses. I just ordered pearl hair pins, which I'm excited about. One of the things we are still trying to figure out is the guest book. I don't really want just a book. We talked about a fingerprint tree or a sign the picture or the matte around it. I just thought of the idea of making light-weight, flat wood replicas of my fiance's guitars for people to sign. Haven't figured out if this will work or if I have enough time, but it would be cool. We could use them as decorations in our new house.
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  • Love the replica guitar idea!  That would be awesome to hang in your house after!!!!!

    Last night I decided I should probably make a schedule of when everything needs to get done. It starts next week lol.  OOPS!  Guess I fell a little behind.  But I do have my inviations already, just need to give them to a friend to address since she does caligraphy.
  • All invitations have been mailed
    "Firstmate" picked out his tuxedo and the tuxedo for the attendants
    Made down payment to caterar and DJ
    Cooridinated discounted hotel accommadation @ hotel 5 miles from the venue
    I have my dress, shoes, veils, accessories.... still need undergarments ( i refuse to pay $70 for a crinolin slip).
    Mom and I are working on my brooch boquet
    Ordered Linen
    Designed and obtained centerpieces for all guest table
    Mom is workign on centerpieces for parent tables
    Selected a Coordinator of the day
    Purchased decor for Sweethearts table
    Halfway through Program
    Cake tasting was AWESOME- famliy got involved
    All music selected except family song
    Purchased favors for the children
    Started purchasing stuff for the bar
    ....... let me see........

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