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Getting to know each other :)

Thought it might be fun to get to know one another since we seem to be a smaller group right now.

FH and I have been together since 2/4/07. We met in college. He proposed 5/4/10. I have a BS in Biology and am working in a lab. FH is still in school for an exercise science degree with a teaching cert. He wants to be a middle school coach :) We are getting married 2/22/13 in Texas. We are using navy blue with hints of limish green and deep purple (peacock feather inspired) and going for a rustic theme.

Not sure what else to share but I'd like to hear something about you!
Best of luck to you and yours!

Feb 22, 2013

Re: Getting to know each other :)

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    Hi guys!

    My FH and I have been together for almost 4 years and met through a mutual friend at a wedding after party.. little did we know what would happen 3 years later!!

    Last year we went on vacation for valnetine's day to swim with the manatees in northern florida. We stayed at a beautiful southern plantation-style hotel and had the best time swimming with the manatees and kayaking. He proposed on the last day of our vacation (v-day) in the hotel's wedding pavilion. I was looking at some flowers when I turned around he was on one knee, struggling to put the ring in a seashell we had picked up while kayaking, and the rest went as every proposal does.... lots of crying and OMG!!! It was super romantic. I kept the seashell and hopefully plan to use it in our wedding ceremony somehow.

    We have tentatively put our date for Feb 2. Also, we have decided to wait a little bit to get married because I just started grad school and we need to save money, not only for the ceremony, but for moving in together and all of that fun stuff.

    I am so excited! yay!
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    Hi All,
    I'm Meri.  My FH and I live in New York City.  We met almost 5 years ago at work.  We sat at cubicles 7 feet away from each other.  I had a crush on him while we worked together but nothing really happened with that in that time.  He left the company after about a year and we lost touch.  Then in summer'10 we ran into each other at a happy hour and have been dating since about a month afterwards.  
    He proposed to me on 12/18 at the Bryant Park Holiday Market while we were Christmas shopping and drinking hot chocolate.  
    We haven't booked anything yet, but are hoping for a 2/17/13 wedding.  Now we're navigating the moving in together.
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    I met FI when I was a senior in highschool & he was a newly-minted highschool grad.  We officially started dating 12/6/03, about a year or 2 later we started the long-distance thing when we both transfered to schools that were 2 hours apart.  Then he graduated, spent a year working (still far away from my school), then started law school (same school! far away campus ;_; ).  I finally graduated a year later & moved in with him!  A year and a half later, during the break before his final semester of law school, he bought a ring and proposed!  To sum it up, that was 8 years of dating.  A long time, but we were pretty young when we started (17 & 18).

    Now, I run a small business out of the apartment FI and I share, and he's finishing up his JD & prepping for the Bar Exam this summer.  We picked 2/23/13 for our wedding date b/c our dating anniversary is in the middle of the Thanksgiving/Christmas craziness & there are a lot of November/December/January birthdays in our family, but we still wanted a winter wedding.

    Looking forward to getting to know all of you while we plan our February 2013 weddings!
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