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I know double posts but about Carnival Cruise Lines????

I was wondering if any of you wonderful ladies knew anything about Carnival Cruiseships? I want to go on a honeymoon firstly on a boat and I have no idea what to expect or if it's a good boat to get on!  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!I need info stat!! Thanks lovelys!!
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Re: I know double posts but about Carnival Cruise Lines????

  • I've been on two cruises both with Carnival and I HIGHLY recommend!!  Both times were such a blast and I feel that the price with Carnival is just right!
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  • The only cruise I have ever been on was with Carnival and it was really nice. The price is great too!

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  • I have been on two Royal Caribbean Cruises, but my parents have been on several Carnival Cruises also. Usually they experience has been that the crowd on the Carnival Cruises is more in the 20s and 30s age range where as there are more people 40+ on the Royal Caribbean  lines. They like both cruise lines.
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  • I have only cruised on the Disney line and it was amazing.

    Just booked our honeymoon on royal caribbean, the website was about $3200, we got it through a travel agent a friend recommended to us for $1850!!  With a balcony and a $75 room credit!  Bonus is that it is out of New Jersey where we live so we don't have to worry about flights!  which would have been crazy since we are getting married president's day weekend and flights to anywhere are out of control!! LOL!!

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  • Thanks ladies!! My hlubby to be doesn't want to be on a boat but he will enjoy it II'll make sure of it!!! We have to leave in April but it's all good!! I just hope Tornado season isn't so bad this coming spring!! EEKKK!!!
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