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Found out about my Bachelorette

My cousin has had a hard time getting responses from my girls (BM's and other close girls) about my bachelorette.  I took it upon myself to ask one of my BM's if my cousin had sent out an email to all girls, not just BM's, about my bachelorette since she asked for all of their e-mail addresses a few weeks ago (I knew she did).  This particular BM stopped responding to all discussions when her idea was shot down (it was one thing I said I absolutely didn't want to do). 

Anyways, I was telling my cousin about how I played dumb and asked her.  My cousin asked if I wanted to know about my bachelorette so I said sure because I'm starting to try to put things together and I don't like surprises so instead of drive me crazy she could just tell me.  We are going to the spa at my work.  I bartend at one of the nicest, most popular resorts and wedding venues in the state.  I've never been to the spa there.  We will have access to the sauna and pool as well, and free drinks if we go down to my bar.  Then we will go to dinner somewhere and maybe out after.  We don't know where dinner will be, but maybe the casino and out partying there.  This works for all of my girls because the ones with babies live close by so they can go home for a little while and spend time with their babies before going out for the night.  And then whoever is up for it and still in the area can go to the beach with us the next day.

I'm excited about it and I'm happy I will get a mix of relaxing and having fun.  I'm happy I won't have to go out shopping to find something to wear either.  I probably will, but I don't think it's necessary.

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