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Help: Bachelorette Weekend thank you gifts

I am getting regular wine glasses kind like these made for the girls attending my bachelorette weekend. My girlfriends have gome above and beyond and want to do something for them. I was thinking of putting stuff in the glasses and wrapping them up in tissue. Would gum and lip gloss but too lame or super cute?

Re: Help: Bachelorette Weekend thank you gifts

  • You could do that as well as candies of some sort. 
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  • I like the gum and lipgloss.  What about a bottle of their favorite wine?
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  • Where are you getting those glasses made!

    I'm not a fan of gum ... lip gloss and candy works though!
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    [QUOTE]I like the gum and lipgloss.  What about a bottle of their favorite wine?
    Posted by amonis[/QUOTE]

    this is what I was thinking
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  • Oh great ideas so glad I posted! The glasses are being made by one of my girlfriends who has a shop on Facebook. You can find her under The Cricket's Corner.
  • I hosted a bachelorette party for my friend a year and a half ago. Each girl got a little bag with a hand painted wine glass, a small bottle of wine (one serving but cute), tylenol, gum, a ring pop and water. 
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    like RKPugs, I was going to suggest that if you and your girls are planning on drinking, you could add some hangover items, like some salty snacks, maybe a mini bottle of booze, some tylenol (or advil) and some water. I know when I over do it, I CHUG water and am so miserable the next day that I end up hugging the toilet for about half the day.
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