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Free Tungsten Rings Update (JVL Jewelry)

Last week or the week before a Knottie posted about getting free Tungsten rings from JVL Jewelry http://www.jvljewelry.com by entering the gift card code of "brides".  Thanks so much to that Knottie!!!!!

We ordered FI's this week. He actually couldn't decide between 2 so he ordered both of them.  He ordered the Promise and the Affection. Shipping was $25 per ring.

They came in today, and... he LOVES them.  They are exactly as pictured and gorgeous.  He still hasn't decided between the two, but is leaning toward the Promise.  We'll keep the other for in case he loses the first one. 

Yay for super cheap wedding rings!

Re: Free Tungsten Rings Update (JVL Jewelry)

  • Updated code: 570984
  • 570984 expired 6/5/2012
  • Does anyone have an updated code: me and my fianc are looking for rings and the code is expired :
  • I placed my order from JVL Jewelry. I had read many reviews before ordering from them. They had a nice selection. My FH and I chose the "Affection" collection and we got our wedding date engraved. Its a really nice feature they offer. I will be reccomending JVL to my friends and fam.
  • I had recieved a gift card from JVL Jewelry and as I was reading the reviews it seemed too good to be true...some people only paid shipping cost only? Come on this I HAVE to see. Ordered my really nice Titanium rings and when I redeemed my gift card at check out I was very very happy to see that the gift card covered both of my rings. Awesome!
  • JVL is awesome. My fh and I ordered our rings from them and we got them in within a week. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size for him :/, but we were able to send it back and the the RIGHT size. My fault. still didnt take long to get his back either. I am happy with the service they provided for us.
  • My rings I ordered were from the titanium collection. They are a lot lighter than the tungsten and that i why we chose them. The great thing about JVL is that all their rings come with a lifetime warranty so that mean my ring can be replaced if I were ever to lose it. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Especially if they are looking for nice starter rings. This is the way to go.
  • My rings look absolutley amazing. They didnt cost us much so we saved a lot of money that was great. My rings came in within the same week of ordering it.
  • My jvl rings are great. I could not get a precious metal ring, so we found jvl and they had nice rings. We chose titanium rings that are supposed to be really strong and it resembles white gold the most, Although it will be off color but nothing too dramatic. Here is a photo of our rings. jvljewelry.com 
  • I ordered my rings from jvl and they did a really nice job. Anyone who is skeptic about ordering from them dont be. Me and my fiancé both have our bands from them and they look fantastic!
  • My husband and I did not order with a code, but we did have gift cards that we had from them. We have had our rings for about 5 months and although we dont wear them yet I love the way it looks when i try it on. It's comfortable and really light.
  • Absolutely love my rings. Perfect for our budget and they look fantastic!!
  • I used a different code that we found on another post. It worked exactly the same, we picked out the rings that we really liked them redeemed the code and it took off the price for both of the rings. All we paid for was our shipping and handling process. Laughing We are so happy with our rings and cant wait to finally wear them all the time.
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