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Anyone else think they'll be a blubbering baby during the ceremony?


Re: Anyone else think they'll be a blubbering baby during the ceremony?

  • I'll be crying like all day. Thinking about my wedding makes me tear up.
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    I cry at the drop of a hat---or a ASPCA commercial, but don't see myself crying at my wedding.  I didn't cry when FI proposed or when I picked out my dress.  FI doesn't cry, but I think he may get a little teary eye at the alter.
  • I am an awful crier as well... blotchy and red look, I hate it.  I am worried about this and we are not doing pics before the ceremony...that is the only reason I thought about doing them before.  I really want that first look to be at the ceremony so I am not sure how to keep the tears under control.  I have been thinking more and more about this as the date gets closer.
  • I will definitely be tearing up and will have a tissue of some kind with me.  I know I'll get all teary eyed at the first look and so will my FI.  Beyond that I'll probably cry when we say our own vows. 

    I will definitely be glad someone invented waterproof makeup products and staying spray that day. 
  • I didn't cry during my engagement. I was just way too excited! I got a little emotional and cried a tiny bit and my fiance had a little tear in his eyes. Now whenever I watch other proposals I cry like a baby. I also cry while others are saying their vows. I don't know if my nerves will let me get overly emotional until I read my vows to my fiance which when I read our ceremony I started crying.
  • I think I am a very ugly crier. I will probably tear up but am praying that I do not go full throttle and look disgusting.
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  • This is why I'm doing a first look!  I think that will be the ONLY thing that will help me not be as bad!  haha  There's time for touch up's between the first look and the wedding
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