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I didnt realize it but I changed the rsvp date to the 20th right before I printed them LOL soooo  this whole time I thought it was the 15th but it only gives them five more days and my ticker is still absurdly awful :(

I did get a autographed personalized certificate from prince charming and Cinderella congratulating me and FI. It  cute but I sent it too Mickey and Minnie and a little disappointed it isnt from them LOL

Re: ummmm.........

  • kducharmekducharme member
    edited December 2011
    wait...you sent an invite to mickey and minnie!??  And Cinderella replied!!!?? How rude of her!

    And how did you do this!!!?? :)

    <a href="http://www.thebump.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=HTML&utm_campaign=tickers" title="Trying to Conceive"><img src="http://global.thebump.com/tickers/tt158730.aspx" alt=" BabyFruit Ticker" border="0" /></a>
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    but even thought you have a few more days, aren't you a little nervous??  your ticker is freaking ME out. haha. sorry, i know that didn't make it better but it made my ticker feel better...

    anyway, we sent an invitation to mickey & minnie. and obama! hopefully we'll get our reply soon!

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    Whoops!  ah well, start pestering people if you feel like it.  Especially ones that should have definitely RSVPed by now (i.e. family).
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  • MrsH8172010MrsH8172010 member
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    I want to know how you sent an invite to mickey and minnie! I want to do that! : )
  • jennlinjennlin member
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    hahah i love that prince charming and cinderella wrote back...i am a little jealous ;)
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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  • alyssa324alyssa324 member
    edited December 2011
    I am still VERY nervous about the ticker. I really dont want to make all those calls. So far its only been friends to respond. No family?!?!? What the fudge......

    Here is a link to a prior post of addresses for the president and mickey and a few others. Sorry I dont know how to make it small.

    http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_washington-seattle_mickey-mouse-pope?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:104Discussion:3a320239-9174-4c8a-8143-d1d7c5bf07fdPost:743bb968-7978-4b0d-bd7b-0e5d7e1519d7
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    That is HILARIOUS!!! SO RUDE of Cinderella and Prince Charming to write back to the Mouse's mail!! Actually, that's a felony to steal someone else's mail! Tongue out  Maybe it's because I think Mickey and Minnie are still just dating after all t hese years, while Cinderella and PC are married? (although seriously, he's such a cheat! Why doesn't she dump his asss? He's also a polygamist married to Snow White!)
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  • ArchelArchel member
    edited December 2011
    I think I'd rather get a reply from Cinderella and Prince Charming!! haha, that's hillarious. I'm going to have to remember to do that. lol, KST!
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  • alyssa324alyssa324 member
    edited December 2011
    KST- you are too funny :P
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    Wish I had known about this! My 2 year old is CRAZY for Mickey Mouse! But then again, if all we got back were replies from PC & Cindy... it wouldn't mean anything to her.

    Did you send one to both the FL & CA Mickey's?
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  • alyssa324alyssa324 member
    edited December 2011
    no just ca mickey..............mayb i should have done both. I prefer minnie and mickey over cinderella and pc too!!LOL
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