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Drunk Driving PIP

Got a call from my mom around 3am this morning. at about 2am a drunk driver drove through the house. 

There driveway is at stop sign were you either turn left or right, if you go straight you end up in the driveway. 

Well the women never stopped and drove right through the garage, hitting my dads car, and sending it through the wall into the laundry room. 

The house was wide open and all power had to be shut off due to that lines could have been hit and they didn't want an explosion. 

The women tried to drive away she made it two house down hit two mailboxes on her way. Both her air bags had gone off and her passenger was injured badly. She is currently in jail.

Thank god everyone is fine but it reminds you not to drink and drive because someone could have been hurt so bad. 

Now my parents have to wait to see if the house is even structurally sound or if walls need to come down and be put back up. 

There is so much damage. I added some photos for your enjoyment. :)

This is the lawn mower that was in the garage.

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Re: Drunk Driving PIP

  • Holy Crap! Glad everyone is okay. My house is also at the end of stop sign.. hope that never happens!
  • OMG! I'm glad everyone is ok! What an idiot woman; glad she's in jail!

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  • OMG! Thank god your parents and family are okay! I hate DD's they are SO selfish :( Best of luck to your rents, I couldn't imagine having to deal with the nightmare...
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  • Holy moly!  That's insane.  Glad everyone is alright ... but that woman deserves to be in jail.  Hopefully she'll think twice about being an idiot next time.
  • Oh my gosh!!!! That's crazy! I'm so glad everyone is okay! Stupid woman.
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  • Holy cow! That is horrible! How could she drive after hitting something that hard?! I hope her passenger will be okay.
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  • OMG!! Thats horrible! I hope the passenger is ok! Glad she's in jail. Good luck to your parents. Hopefully the house gets put back together soon

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  • Whoa! I'm glad your mom and dad didn't get hurt.
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  • Glad everyone is ok & that woman is in jail. I loathe drinking & driving. It hurts soooooo many lives. I made the mistake 1 time when i was younger & felt so out of control. I scared myself shitless & have never done it again nor will i ever. People need to think of their families, how they would feel if they killed someone etc. Unfortunately those that get behind the wheel drunk are NOT thinking. I am glad we have so many taxi companies in town. 
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  • So glad to hear your parents are okay!  Hopefully the passenger is okay as well. 
  • OMG that's so crazy! I can't even image what your parents thought was going on - I'm glad they are ok!
  • drinking and driving is the one thing we never take any chances on. I'm so happy everyone is safe.
  • That is terrifying!  I'm so glad nobody in your family is injured, and I hope the woman's passenger is okay!  There's a friend I would never want to have to look in the eye again, let me tell you.  And trying to drive away???  Seriously???

    I'm so glad she's in jail, and I hope that she never gets the CHANCE to do that again.  Holy cow...
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  • Holy cow! that's crazy!! So glad that everyone is ok!
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  • Wow thank God everyone was ok. And that women is in Jail. I can't beleive in her stupper she thought she would get away. 
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    Oh my gosh!? Thank god that woman is in jail.. what's said is that some people will never learn, even after jail and fines. That's so lucky it was just the garage and not an important room (bedrooms.. ek!). Thank god your parents are okay.

    Sorry they have to deal with that trouble! 
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  • Very scarey for your parents!  I'm glad they weren't hurt and the woman went to jail.  I hipe she has insurance and her passenger will be okay.  Hopefully your parents house can be repaired.
  • So glad your parents are ok! Wow
  • Omg thats insane!  I'm glad your parents are ok, although its bad about the garage its good that it wasn't a bedroom or something where they might have been in it at 2am.  Good thing shes in jail for now!
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  • oh my word! I am so sorry this happened but glad everyone is ok. T & P's going out to your parents as they deal with this. Hope it isn't too annoying with the insurance company
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  • Wow, I'm so glad that everyone is okay but that is so scary! 
  • That's terrible! I'm glad your parents are okay, though!
  • Oh man, I am so glad everyone in your family is okay! Be sure they put in a restitution request with the court in addition to doing a claim with their homeowners insurance company - they want to get reimbursed any way they can.
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  • Holy shiit! And she tried to drive away?! WTF!  I'm glad she's in jail now. And I'm glad everyone was ok.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_june-2012-weddings_drunk-driving-pip?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:3ae4d68d-f10a-4dec-8810-da13c14a7b86Discussion:7267d50c-478f-41c8-a69e-5fa12f31536dPost:c7c9a6a9-482c-4a72-bc11-5853d2dc0824">Re: Drunk Driving PIP</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>Holy shiit! And she tried to drive away?! WTF!</strong>  I'm glad she's in jail now. And I'm glad everyone was ok.
    Posted by chelseamb11[/QUOTE]<div>
    Those were my first thoughts. I hope her passanger is going to be ok and am glad your parents weren't hurt! </div><div>
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